Judaism is a religion that focuses heavily on the power of prayer. Not only is prayer an important part of your daily life, but it is also central to who you are as a Jew. Judaism emphasizes the importance of connecting with God, and prayer plays a crucial role in this process. Prayer plays such an important part in Judaism because it connects us with our Creator.

“It’s not enough to know about God. We need to feel Him within our very being, too. That’s why it’s so vitally important for every single Jew to regularly pray,” says Rabbi Shmuel Waldman, who is working on writing a very lengthy and very comprehensive Sefer all about the extremely important subject of Proper Prayer. Rabbi Waldman’s Sefer on Tefilla discusses all the reasons why Orthodox Jews spend so much time in prayer every day.

In this article, Rabbi Shmuel Waldman will explore the topic of why prayer is so important in Judaism and its many different types.

The Role of Prayer in Judaism

Prayer is one of the most important aspects of Judaism. It is seen as an essential component of the relationship between God and the people of Israel.

“Jewish prayer is a conversation between you and the Creator,” says Rabbi Shmuel Waldman. “When you pray, you are speaking to God, letting Him know how you feel and what you want in your life. You may be praying for better health, for more success, for peace in the world, etc. You are letting God know what is important to you”.

The Jewish prayer service is also a time for you to connect with other people who are also praying. Some people find it comforting to have their prayer time surrounded by other people who are also praying.

Why is Judaism so focused on prayer?

Jews believe in one God, the creator of the universe. But more than just an idea of a deity in the sky, Jews believe that this God is also a person who is constantly interacting with His creation.

Rabbi Shmuel Waldman shares that Judaism is based on this personal God-human relationship.

Jews believe that they were chosen by God. He chose them to be His people and gave them the Torah, or commandments, as His guidebook for living in a way that pleases Him.

Types of Prayer in Judaism

The most common type of Jewish prayer is the communal prayer service. Rabbi Shmuel Waldman explains that this occurs in synagogues and is led by an ordained rabbi. Jews also practice personal prayer, which can occur anywhere as long as at least one other person is present. It is best to have a soft surface like a mat or bed underneath the knees of the person praying so that they are not kneeling directly on the floor. Jews also practice silent prayer. This is a form of meditation where the person recites their prayers silently in their mind. Jews also engage in Torah study, which is the process of learning Jewish law and theology through the study of the Hebrew Bible, or Christian Bible.


Prayer is one of the most important parts of Judaism.

“It is through prayer that you connect with the Creator. It’s a way of letting go of your worries, your troubles, and your cares and letting God take care of them,” says Rabbi Shmuel Waldman, who has a broad career as a religious educator and author.

Now that you know more about why prayer is so important in Judaism, you can start practicing it more often in your daily life.

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